Friday, October 14, 2011

What's Wub got to do with it?

So where do I begin today? It seemed like a perfectly routine day.  

So the question is.... Its 9:16 AM what have I done to be a Good DAD.  
Well let's see, my kindergartener ran into class and was there for a few moments when she ran back and said , "Dad, do you want a hug?"  This made me feel like we are doing a good job helping her adjust to all the rules of the world.  Then my little one, at a whopping three years old, said, "Watch dis daddy," as she proceeded to say, "Whoa whoa," and then throw herself on the floor laughing. It really is odd how diverse and yet similar these little girls are. On another note my nephew lives with us and although he has a dad, I treat him like a son.....Why? Because he's part of our family.  So the little one goes up to him and says "I Wub you Cuzin" and he said it right back. It really warmed my heart to hear the sincerity in his voice.
So I looked for the lady I mentioned yesterday, because I really wanted to thank her and help her back by letting all of you know about her... so we will just have to wait as she wasn't there and may be on a plane somewhere sharing her experience with others.

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